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United Systems provides best-in-class products and services for utilities and government.

Alliance Windows Suite

With the modular design of the Alliance Windows Suite, address your operation's specific requirements.

Alliance Suite Utility Management

Utility Management

Manage customer accounts, billing, receivables and meters.

Alliance Suite Field Service

Field Service

Log, schedule and manage work / service order - office and field.

Alliance Suite Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention

Manage and monitor your cross connection program to prevent backflow and potential contamination.

Alliance Suite City Management

City Management

Manage various municipal taxes, permits, and fees including business licenses.

Alliance Suite Inventory


Maintain optimum inventory levels with automated planning and purchasing activities.



Provide accurate and up-to-date information outlining overall financial position.

Hit the ground running.

Quick deployment, lower on-going maintenance costs and better security - so what's the catch?

Alliance in the Cloud

Windows Suite in the Cloud

The same Alliance you are used to - now more convenient than ever before.

Alliance in the Cloud includes ....

  • access to Alliance anytime, anywhere, from any connected computer
  • helps reduce capital costs of hardware
  • allows focusing on the core of your business

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Alliance in the Cloud

Extending value beyond the meter.

Handheld, mobile, fixed network or hybrid - with Itron's ChoiceConnect solutions, utilities have the ability to choose the solution they need today, with the flexibility to migrate and take advantage of advanced capabilities when needs or budgets allow it. Utilities deploying Itron's AMR/AMI solutions have realized efficiencies and cost savings considered unattainable just a few years ago - streamlined operations, reduced truck rolls, improved customer service and conservation of resources.

Choice Connect 100

Data collection solution for electricity, gas and water providers that improves meter reading operations.

100W ERT

  • stores 40 days of hourly information
  • compatible with all leading water meters
  • drive-by data logging capture
100W ERT

FC300 Handheld

  • built in GPS receiver
  • advanced interference rejection technology
  • 80 channel receiver for improved reading performance
FC300 Handheld

Backed up calls keeping you down?

Let us help you and your CSR's by alleviating the volume of customer service calls that limit your productivity throughout the work day.


Alliance Call Center includes ...

  • call center operations to field all billing and customer account inquiries from your utility's customers
  • telephone call triage during business hours for call related to utility services
  • service order dispatch via email, telephone, or SMS text messaging
  • CSR services, which can include customer account management, billing and receivables management
  • fulfillment services for billing statement and delinquent notice
  • production including forms, envelopes, and return envelopes

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Bill payment made easy!

Give your customers one place to manage multiple accounts and make payments on the fly 24/7 everyday.

Automate bill payment to offer your customers the most comprehensive and accessible payment solution available.

Online Bill Payment features ...

  • Allows payment via electronic or debit card
  • Integrate with your preferred merchant account
  • Instant payment verification
Web Portal

Who is United Systems and Software?

Founded in 1977, we now serve over 500 customers throughout the central United States. One of our primary products is the Alliance™ Windows Suite, which is a fully integrated CIS/Utility Billing and accounting system that is built upon Microsoft's developer technologies with SQL Server database and .NET support. This suite is an integrated accounting system with specialty applications including utility billing software/CIS, municipal management including business licenses, municipal/fund accounting, and property tax billing.

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