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Today, more than ever, utilities are increasingly looking to third-party providers for assistance with customer service and customer care business processes and functions.

Who is moving to an Outsourcing model?

Various governments -- from small towns all the way up to federal agencies -- have been sending public services to the private sector since the 1980s. This outsourcing mind-set stems from the common belief that private companies can help utilities & government save or make money by doing jobs faster and cheaper, or managing a public asset more efficiently.

Most outsourcing decisions center around a thorough cost-benefit analysis to see if a third party can effectively deliver services better and more cost-effective than exist-ing operations.

What does the ALLIANCE™ Outsourcing Services include?

Call Center
Call Center operations to field all billing and customer account inquiries from your utility’s customers
Customer Call Triage
Telephone call triage during regular business hours for calls related to utility services
Service order dispatch via email, telephone or SMS text messaging
Automatic Billing
CIS/Billing software for your customer care operations
Customer Web Portal
Give your customers secure online access to their bill and accept payments via credit/debit and bank draft
CSR Services
CSR Services, which can include customer account manage-ment, billing and receivables management
Fulfillment services
Fulfillment services for billing statement & delinquent notice production including forms, envelopes, and return envelopes